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Forest Camp – July 15-17-2017

Einstein’s definition of education was the "growth of wonderment" and this program aims to bring a sense of awe and wonder from immersions and excursions into the natural world

Situated in the beautiful forest environment, our syllabus will make the most of what the natural world has to offer and the children’s curiosity and sense of play.
Our time will be spent in community, ‘building the village’ around the hearth, and excursions into the enchantment of the forest. There the children will be introduced to nature through earth walks, sensory awareness, nature games, craft activity and storytelling. They will learn new skills, make new friends and forge a deep connection with the natural world.

The programme will adapt according to the weather, the needs and capacity of the group, and the magic of the moment. What follows, therefore, is a rough outline of what can be expected:

Day 1 - Introductions, icebreakers, orientation and induction.
Camp craft, earth walk, creative play, sneaking games, flower art, faces in nature, magic spot, twilight games, singing and storytelling.
Day 2 - Artist’s palette, adventure session, nature games, blobsters,  magic spot, dusk walk, singing and storytelling
Day 3 - Campfire cooking, tracking animals, nature trail, woodcraft, magic spot, singing and storytelling

Programme Leader :
Chris Salisbury - Educator, trainer and storyteller, Chris founded WildWise in 1999 after working for the Devon Wildlife Trust. With a theatre and therapy training, he uses every creative means at his disposal to encourage the enjoyment and valuing of nature on events and courses around the world. He lives in Devon, England, and is a father of 3 daughters. He is the course leader for Schumacher College’s Call of the Wild year programme, and artistic director for the West country Storytelling Festival.

Outdoor Instructor :
Karuna:  Storyteller,  Steiner educator, Founder of INTOTHEWILDPORTUGAL.

Karuna is a Steiner teacher and attended course “Call of the Wild” – Outdoor education Leadership Foundation course at Schumacher College, in Devon. Created the Association - People & Paths –, which offered Outdoor pedagogical activities under the topics: Ecology, Adventure, Mystery and Art.
She is a pioneer of a fairy tale house museum and started a puppet theatre company. Today, she organizes and promotes walking tours in National Parks in Portugal, gives courses about the importance of Fairy tales in education, worked and lived in many countries and is a good counsellor and healer.
In April 2017, started a new project called INTOTHEWILDPORTUGAL.

‘To hear my children talk about all that they discovered, to see the life in their eyes as they relive their experience and to notice the depth of feeling is to know that I have given them something, as a parent, to treasure forever’
Paul Hornsey-Pennell, parent

‘You are a very clear, inspiring and sensitive teacher/facilitator with a great sense of humour! I see the gift in your sensitivity and am aware of how you spread your energy responsively to hold everyone in the group’
Julia Brightwell, Montessouri teacher

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